Established in 2018, the Youth Empowerment for Advancement Hangout (YEAH) is a community-based nonprofit in Philadelphia that works with teens ages 13 to 19 who have witnessed or engaged in violence. YEAH prioritizes working with teens after school and in the evenings, focusing on community engagement, conflict resolution, and workshops that are applicable to the lives of Philadelphia teens.


Rooted in the heart of West Philadelphia, YEAH aims to reduce community violence and street involvement among teens ages 13 to 19 while also promoting empowerment and providing safe zones.

Through peer led, conflict resolution and mediation services, psycho-educational workshops, connections to community resources, and creating a space where youth are safe and empowered to be themselves, YEAH puts teens in the driver's seat of their lives and on the road to achieve their highest potential.


The Vision of YEAH is to provide all teens ages 13 to 19 in Philadelphia with tools to resolve their own conflicts, while fostering self-awareness and empowerment to utilize community resources as an intervention to prevent violence and promote success.


The focus of YEAH is to uplift teen voices, improve access to resources that empower them, and acknowledge them as the experts of their own lives while ensuring a safe space in the community. No teen will ever be turned away, and if YEAH is unable to provide a specific service, we will assist with ensuring a connection to other quality services based on the needs of the teen.

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