Our Influence

“I’m the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I feel like I really made some improvements since I started coming to YEAH Philly and I can talk to y’all without judgment or a lecture.”

Jay, 21

Southwest Philly

“I come to YEAH Philly because it feels like home and family.”

Kizzy, 21

North Philly

“I finally found a place where I can use my voice.”

Presley, 17

West Philly

“YEAH Philly is the best thing that ever happened to me because of the people and the different things they do to help people every day.”

Big Meech, 25

North Philly

“They motivate me to be a better me and a better man.”

Na, 22

West Philly

“YEAH Philly helped me step outside my comfort zone and get my confidence back.”

San, 17

West Philly

“I found real brotherly love at YEAH Philly.”

Keyonne, 16

Southwest Philly

“This program changed my life. They taught me how to control my anger and go about situations better.”

Monet, 17

West Philly

“I came here for help one time to get my license back, but I realized that it was a thurl place to be, so I keep coming back because it’s a good environment and safe space for creative thinking and opportunities.”

Tahmir, 24

West Philly

“YEAH Philly elevated my mental and my thinking process, and that’s a fact.”

BHud, 26

North Philly

Our Advocacy

Advocacy at YEAH Philly is deeply rooted in community and led by the teens and young adults we work with every day. We know that young people in Philadelphia are often silenced, oppressed, and kicked out of places that do not work in their best interests. At YEAH, we make impactful and transformational change for and with teens and young adults. We intentionally stand independent from all systems and focus on Black liberation while addressing racism and the root causes of violence. YEAH Philly is not here to continue the status quo, but to do things the right way, and ensure that we are fierce advocates for young people to get the lives they want and deserve.

Making Gun Violence a Public Health Issue

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Poor Juvenile Detention Conditions

  Description: While conditions at the juvenile detention center worsen, the facility is now under federal investigation. YEAH Philly continues to advocate for young people to remain in the community…

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Access to Birth Certificate Changes

Working with about 400 young people per year, 95% of teens and young adults who show up to YEAH Philly for services do not have their own vital documents. Seeing…

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Have you been released from JJSC, jail, prison, or state placement within the last three months?
Sign up to interview with YEAH Philly about your experience being detained or incarcerated. Our organization is collecting information through paid interviews to help change policy around how young people are treated when being detained or incarcerated.