YEAH engages teens in the evenings and weekends when most violence involving youth occurs. Our program components focus on holistic prevention and interventions that push back against oppressive systems and address structural barriers that often lead to violence.

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Peer mediation and
conflict resolution

Our peer led mediation and conflict resolution program allows teens and young people to receive paid training to serve as Teen Conflict Coordinators with YEAH. From this training, teens receive the skills to be able to resolve conflicts within their communities, schools, and their own lives. For more information, please complete our contact us form.


YEAH teens are committed to helping provide food security for our neighbors and pets in West and Southwest Philadelphia. YEAH distributes groceries & pet food to our communities with no requirements or eligibility. Follow us on social media @yeahphilly or complete a Contact Us form to stay up to date on our next food giveaway location.

TEEN Hangouts

Teens at YEAH need a space to be themselves and learn things that can be applied to their lives. Our workshops are culturally relevant and focus on areas such as understanding and managing stress, entrepreneurship, healing from trauma, conflict resolution, career readiness, healthy relationships, and current events. Groups at YEAH allow teens to be engaged, learn applicable skills, identify beneficial resources, and form relationships with peers, mentors, and community members. Inquire about our workshops through our Contact Us form.

& Civic engagement

As part of the larger racial justice movement, YEAH organizes teens and young people to address complex and systemic issues that impact our communities. Through advocacy and direct action, teens focus on solutions related to police brutality, restorative justice, voter suppression, access to internet, healthcare and Black mental health providers. Visit our events page or follow us on social media @yeahphilly to see what we are doing in the community.

Youth Advisory Board

The YEAH youth advisory board allows teens to make decisions about the organization and the services provided. Being teen led means that youth are the experts of their own lives and should always have a seat at the table. Inquire about our youth board through our online contact form.

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